Latest Activities

    • Tonga: European Union, Energy Expert, Energy Sector Reform Program EDF11
    • Myanmar: ADB, Senior RE Adviser, RE policy for Energy Master Plan
    • Congo DemRep.: WWF; installation, training PV off-grid supply systems
    • MENA Region (Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria): GIZ, assess capacity building demand in higher education, public administration: regional grid planning and transnational grid management
    • Kabul: GIZ; Advise Ministry on administrative structure, capacity development, international training on electrification planning
    • Vanuatu: AusAid; Energy investment development strategy (including resource planning) for delivering an expanded and sustainable access to energy for rural communities
    • Tonga: IRENA; Tonga Energy Road Map: Energy demand assessment and electrification strategy for Outer Islands
    • Niue: EU; Training, installation of PV grid support generation
    • Central African Rep.: WWF, Training, installation of PV off-grid supply systems
    • Bonn: InWent 2nd World Renewable Energy Conference,"Conceptualization of Renewable Energy Strategy"
    • Berlin : InWEnt EIZ International Solar Symposium, "Solar Technology as Export Opportunity for Europe"
    • Loccum: International Consultation on Sustainable Energy Economies serving Poverty Reduction, "Growth Strategies for Subsahara Africa"
    • Capetown: InWent INSABA-Training on economic analyses of income generating RE projects
    • Berlin: InWent International Forum "Towards an Energy Partnership Europe-Africa”
    • Gaborone and Lusaka: InWent INSABA-Training on economical analyses of income generating RE projects
    • Johannesburg: InWent INSABA-Training on market analyses and business planning
    • Fiji (REES): Training on PV electrification for pacific island countries, Energy Specialists from the Pacific Island Countries
    • Namibia: InWent INSABA Training on business identification and evaluation
    • Project Coordination INSABA, SADC
    • Glücksburg: DGS  Solar School artefact in Entrepreneur´s training on economics, customer relation
    • MEKONG Region (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China): CDG; Regional exchange with national energy stakeholders on RE policy, energy planning, business development
    • Philippines: GTZ; Program coordinator national rural electrification program SEP, RE policy, planning and implementation, operation and monitoring.
    • Kabul: UNDP; Assit in resources management, operation, maintenance, monitoring.

      Integrated Southern Africa Business Advisory
      Supported by InWEnt for the BMZ and the
      European Commission under the Intelligent Energy Europe Program

      The INSABA process aims at the establishment of a business advisory network for renewable energy. Building on experiences from earlier capacity development training undertaken by InWEnt, the project takes a dual approach: It will provide support to the demand side for Renewable Energy, and to the supply side. Pilot regions for launching this approach are identified in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia. The project is being co-financed under the programme Coopener by DG Transport and Energy of the European Commission.

      In order to allow long-term effects, local partner organisations are trained to act as intermediaries and to continue activities after the project period. They will be enabled to train and coach Renewable Energy Suppliers and locally based Interdisciplinary Advisory Teams, to organise business advisory interventions and match-making between supply and demand-side. The intervention will be enhanced by dialogue activities on legal and policy frameworks to support the process of strengthening productive and sustainable Renewable Energy application in southern Africa. Decision makers from governmental and non-governmental organisations, from business associations and other stakeholders will be included in this dialogue.

      The overall objective of INSABA is to strengthen productive application of renewable energy in southern Africa. INSABA will help to build a critical mass of human capital with up to date knowledge and expertise in energy planning and project financing, as well as in the latest technologies and best practices available for increasing the productive use of renewable energies. The project focuses mainly on small and medium sized enterprises (SME) but also on governmental and non-governmental organisations involved in renewable energy issues. It tackles the poverty agenda by providing advisory services for businesses using renewable energy technology (RET) for water conveyance and treatment, communications, food processing, concentration, commercial heat et alter. Practitioners will be trained to access rural and urban employment opportunities and productive/income generating models of RET application will be supported. The project enhances EU/SADC business co-operation among SME and supports the co-operation of NGOs and associations and last not least liaise with government offices and other stakeholders on policy advise towards more conducive renewable energy utilization. 


      For further information please contact

      Heinz-W. Böhnke
      D -21635 Jork, Germany, Fon (+49) 4162- 942 707, Fax (+49) 4162- 942 708