Since 1977, it is my privilege to work in international advisory. Beginning in Afghanistan under UNDP, I soon took the solar path working in export promotion on solar thermal systems for Stiebel Eltron, and on photovoltaic systems for AEG. Since 1985 my own company TECHNOSOL is providing international services and supplies. Business skill, promotion and training were the assets to do the national rural electrification program SEP for the gtz in the Philippines which supported PV-electrification and hydro power. Today, my work in TECHNOSOL covers the entire range from project development, renewable energy training and program coordination up to financing and contracting of entire PV grid projects. The knowledge and experience of 30 years in renewable energy applications is an asset I will put in to your advantage: 30 years know what, know where, and know how !

Project consultancy is to help projects succeed sustainably. Advisory from thorough proposal development to target-oriented planning, from feasibility study to impact evaluation, from partner coordination to overall project operation - support at various intervention levels helps to prime, operate or rehabilitate projects as commissioned.

Export Promotion is talking business with business people. Worked in Greece, Spain, the Arabian peninsula, Latin America. Conduct market and demand analyses, develop business plan, establish subsidiary, distribution chain, coordinate representatives, monitor progress.

Renewable Energy Training is building the capacity to make technology work. Organize and conduct interventions for development organizations, companies, utilities, government bodies. Covers technology design and implementation, economic evaluation and financing, business advisory and coaching, project development and progress monitoring, productive use, environmental impact, sustainable production, gender balance, poverty alleviation.

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