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TECHNOSOL Solar Technologie
Dipl.-Ing. Heinz - Wolfgang Böhnke
Yachthafenstraße17, D -21635 Jork

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Since 1985 TECHNOSOL is providing services and supplies to the solar business. Our knowledge and experience in solar thermal and photovoltaic applications is an asset we are ready to put in to your advantage: We know what we are doing - and we know how !

Project consultancy on solar project development, management and training, feasibility studies, target-oriented planning, and overall project operation -
you can draw from 18 years of experience in the international solar business.

Product development is our prime service. Customized solar components and appliances for solar systems, as well as PV-powered consumer products are developed from a knowledge-base, which earned us many contracts with the industry.

Worldwide Logistics based at the world-port of Hamburg, allows TECHNOSOL to offer efficient shipping service and professional export processing. Whether you urgently need a spare part or you choose our proven solar systems packages, or you prefer an application designed to your requirements - we are always open for service. And our quality control concept ensures each product gives you a lasting and reliable performance!


Heinz-W. Böhnke (MSc) is owner and CEO of TECHNOSOL. He took the solar path after serving with the UN in Afghanistan in the late 70s, then worked with renowned German specialists like Stiebel Eltron and AEG and started his own business from 1985. Supplying several aid-organizations with solar-systems for Asia, America und Africa led to the position of coordinator for GTZ to the national PV-Electrification-Programm of the Philippines.

Today, grid-based PV installations of the 30-100 kVA range are Technosol´s major activity. But Heinz Böhnke is nevertheless still doing business training and is coordinating a renewable energy program for the European Commission in Southern Africa.