Solar Components
TECHNOSOL Solar Technologie
Dipl.-Ing. Heinz -W. Böhnke
A solar system is only as good as it's weakest component: That's why TECHNOSOL components are selected for reliability, efficiency, and value. Their performance has been thoroughly tested because we wish to justify your confidence in our quality.
Whether you design a customized application or wish to add more use to an existing system: We provide the components and appliances, even those that may elsewhere be hard to find. Each item is works-inspected before shipment and comes with works warranty. If you don't find in this page what you are looking for - just give us a message and we will get you a solution.
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Solar Panels

Select the most advanced PV-panels from leading manufacturers,
choose crystalline or thinfilm, highest efficieny or lowest price :

-Multicrystalline small applications panels, sturdy and easy to transport
-Mono- and multicrystalline panels from Sharp, Yingli, Trina
-Thinfilm panels fronm FirstSolar
-Efficient large-size on-roof and in-roof panels 
Power Management

Efficiently manage and convert precious PV-power to suit best your specific application :
- Battery control units for SHS, w/low-voltage-disconnect (LVD) and overcharge protection, from low-cost base model to microprocessor controlled unit with LCD power-monitor
- Battery charge controllers for professional pay-charging: Base model w/Amp-meter and energy-counter; dual battery charger to transfer overcharge to secondary battery
- Lighting controllers for outdoor illumination and advertising: Base model w/LVD and lightswitch, advanced unit w/timer or even self-learning evening/morning operation settings.
- Inverters for most common AC-appliances, reduced cable loss, w/high overload capacity and LVD : Base models w/modified sine wave suitable for energy saving lamps, TV, video, PC. True sine wave inverters for motoric loads, pumps, fans, tools, telecommunications equipment.
Store solar energy with minimum loss in lead-acid batteries :
- Low-cost solar batteries w/extra capacity at slow discharge
- Sealed batteries for low maintenance requirements and easy transport
- Armoured-plate batteries w/high discharge ability and extended lifetime
- Large capacity industrial batteries, wet or with gel-electrolyte
- Deep-cycle batteries for long life at frequent discharge

Put PV power to its best use with selected DC appliances :
Water pumps for house-water supply and small irrigation, from compact diaphragm units to high-capacity centrifugal sets, w/power booster for early start or w/pressure switch to eliminate extra roof-tanks.
Audio/Video components w/extra low consumption for education, entertainment or commercial presentation: TVsets (also color), video players, sat-receivers and public adressing systems.
Air conditioning and ventilation for home and commercial use: Evaporator coolers, ceiling- and desk fan, cross-flow coolers.
Alarm systems from simple door guard to multi-point supervision
Refrigerators and cooling boxes for home, small business and medical use, w/energy saving compressor, thermostate and special insulation : From portable 13 ltr box to 235 ltr storage freezer w/*** compartment
Let the sun brighten up the night for safety, comfort and attention :
Compact fluorescent lamps w/integrated ballast and bayonet mount are the most versatile light, fit to most lamp sets, shades: 12 VDC 13 W
Dual energy saving light 12 VDC w/ 7 W-PL-lamp and electronic ballast plus low-consumption LED-nightlight for extra safety and comfort
Weather proof outdoor light for security and advertising, brick 11 W
or ultra-bright high efficiency tube FH 14 W
Installation Material
Find the proper hardware for professional installation jobs :
Panel racks for slanted roof, flat roof or ground mounting w/adjustable inclination, from sturdy, lightweight aluminum profiles

Interior cable w/flexible or solid strands 2x1,5²-2x4²
Exterior cable, flexible and weather proof 1,5²-10²
Ground cable NYY-0 2x6²-2x10²
PIR motion detector 12 VDC
Junction box IP65 w/2Pg, wall-mount 5x4²
Double-switch, humidity protected, wall-mount

Solar mounting set, w/pliers, sockets, screw drivers
Solar installation set, w/crimp tool, gas solderer
Here is the right stuff to promote solar and demonstrate it's function :
-Solait solar mixer - beautiful! Foams up your cappucino in no time
-Helicopter - pretty toy from wood and cells: The perfect gift
-Construction kit Helicopter - build your own wood toy
-Metal construction kit - engineering models and giving it solar drive
-Experiment Kit - The kids will love to build their own solar system
-Ventilator - nice automatic exhaust to get rid of damp, hot air
-Rechargeable Lantern - water-proof torch, never again empty batteries

For ordering information on the full range of solar products and systems
just mail your requirements to
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