Solar Systems
TECHNOSOL Solar Technologie
Dipl.-Ing. Heinz -W. Böhnke
You may always have felt that a solar panel alone gets you only so far - it is proper system engineering which makes a useful, valuable application. Our complete systems are designed with selected components, matched to give you better performance and more value at less cost than the sum of the individual items.
The examples below give you an idea of what a solar system can do for you - and it takes not more than an e-mail to let us design various applications into a customized system for your particular needs - just specify your requirements and send it to us for a free quotation - try us!
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Solar Home System Classic
The proven solution for basic home electrification
The complete package includes 190 Wp panel, 110 Ah battery, controller with charge indication, all wiring, junction box and switches, two bright energy saving lights 13 WDC, dual energy saving light 7 W with special nightlight
Solar Home System Light
The most economic way to light a home
Complete room lighting package with 30 Wp panel, 32 Ah sealed battery, charge controller, wiring, and dual energy saving light 7 WDC w/nightlight
Solar Home System AC
The easiest way to get AC power for using efficient appliances like computer and printer, TV and video training set, sound system and energy saving lights. Minimizes cable loss. Basic generator like P/H, but with 185 VA inverter and three energy saving lights 9 W, 230 VAC
Solar Media System
World news, education, sports and entertainment - all come in full color with this 14", 12 VDC TV set. The system is based on the P/H generator and can be extended to accomodate DC video-player and lights.
Solar Safety
Fully autonomous protection for shop, office, laboratory and home
The professional, tamper proof alarm system w/lockable control box, two motion detectors, five window/door guards and powerful alarm sound is powered by 30 Wp panel w/controller and durable 50 Ah sealed battery /2/
Solar Refrigeration
Protection for perishable supplies, medicine and even frozen goods
The 90 ltr. refrigerator with 10 ltr.***freezer compartment is cooled by an efficient DC compressor and powered by a 190 Wp generator w/controller, power monitor and heavy-duty 270 Ah sealed battery bank /1/
Solar Pumping
Home water supply system, eliminates need for roof tank
The durable diaphragm DC-pump supplies up to 400 l/h and up to 42 m of head. Pressure switch automatically starts when faucet is opened. Powered by a 50 Wp panel w/controller and backed by durable 50 Ah sealed battery, the daily output at 12 m head reaches 900 liters /1/
Solar Ventilation
Cool breeze from a high efficiency DC ceiling fan for office, restaurant, home
Operated directly from a 24 VDC, 64 Wp generator the large fan works ever stronger when the sun's heat increases. It can even be extended with a battery backup for nighttime operation.
Solar Plaza Light
Brightens up street, plaza, court, marina for safety and nighttime activities
Fully automatic, all night illumination. The compact design includes 120 Wp panel w/light switch, controller and efficient 11 WDC weatherproof light, pole mount and 90 Ah battery /1/

/1/ Designed for irradiation of 4 kWh/m2/d

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